Your State Representative

Meet Fentrice

Fentrice Driskell is a Tampa Bay native, leader in her community, and a champion for Democratic values and policies in the state legislature.

She is widely recognized as a trailblazer, consensus builder, and impassioned advocate who works hard to help each of her constituents. She has devoted her life’s work to creating the freedom for us all to be healthy, prosperous, and safe.

Fentrice was raised by her mother and her father, both of whom instilled the value of hard work in their children and led by example. Her father started out as a warehouse stocker and worked his way up to becoming a dispatcher setting an example of reliability and perseverance, while her mother — a longtime public school teacher — always reminded Fentrice about the value of quality public education. Their example motivated Fentrice to achieve academically and become a leader early on in life.

Fentrice’s passion for public service began while participating in Florida Girls State, an educational program for rising high school seniors that replicates the functions of state government. With the support of her local community, she attended Harvard University, where she worked her way through college and was elected as the first Black female student to serve as president of the student government.

The impact of the community that raised her drew Fentrice back to the Tampa Bay area after finishing law school at Georgetown University. Fentrice joined Carlton Fields law firm as a Business Litigator and immediately got involved in community service programs through the Athena Society, Girl Scouts of America, the George Edgecomb Bar Association, and others.

Remembering her experience in high school with Florida Girls State, Fentrice knew she could do more to make a difference. In 2018, she ran for Florida House District 63. In a competitive race, she won and regained the seat for Florida Democrats.

As State Representative, Fentrice is a fierce advocate for improved health care outcomes and closing the Medicaid gap for low-income Floridians, common-sense gun reform, investing in our teachers and schools, ensuring a healthy environment, and protecting our voting rights. Most recently, Fentrice sponsored a bill tackling police reform and increasing accountability for law enforcement (HB 7051) and a bill creating a task force to address the issue of abandoned African American cemeteries across Florida (HB 37), both of which were passed unanimously.

Now as Leader-Designate of the House Democratic Caucus for the 2024-2026 session, Fentrice intends to make Florida the best place in America to live and work by standing up for its working people and communities. “Whenever I’m given a chance, I make the most of an opportunity, work hard, and get results,” she says.

With this new level of leadership, Fentrice is already creating a brighter future for all Floridians – one based on American values like rebuilding our economy, lowering health care costs, cleaning up corruption, and defending democracy. And given the chance, Fentrice will continue to prove that our State is exceptional, not because it is perfect, but because we’re always striving to build something better.