Capital Soup: Leader Fentrice Driskell Proposed Robust Property Insurance Crisis Solutions

Florida House Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell (D-Tampa) today introduced House Bill 9A on the House floor to expand the scope of Special Session. HB 9A aims to foster a healthy, competitive insurance market with robust oversight that keeps costs down for Floridians while also providing high-quality coverage. HB 9A was rejected by the House GOP majority, effectively shutting down many good ideas that would provide immediate relief for customers and strengthen the market for future stability.

“Our ‘Triple A’ plan for property insurance is to make it affordable, available, and accountable. With the affordability piece, we want to lower the cost of reinsurance for every Floridian because it is the most direct way to create savings for everyone,” said Leader Driskell. “On making property insurance available, we need to make it easy to report fraud by companies or individuals. Lastly, we need to return to an elected insurance commissioner accountable to the people, so if Floridians like or do not like what’s happening, they get to make their voices heard at the ballot box.”

To replay Leader Driskell’s full remarks introducing HB 9A, watch here:

The House Democratic Caucus also hosted a media availability ahead of today’s session, which highlights the proposed ideas to help tackle the property insurance crisis among other discussed topics:

Attached is our Insurance Crisis Solutions document that provides further insight to House Democrats’ proposal in providing property insurance relief to Floridians.

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