Capital Soup: Representative Fentrice Driskell Reacts to Special Session Announcement from the Governor

Following the announcement today by the Governor that he intends to call another special session, Representative Fentrice Driskell (D-Tampa), Leader-Designate of the Florida House Democratic Caucus, issued the following statement:

“Florida’s property insurance collapse has been building for a long time!

We should have worked to solve this problem during the last legislative session, or the special session afterwards, but instead the problem was ignored while companies folded or stopped writing policies in Florida.

The Governor and the Legislature played culture war politics while the media reported story after story about the housing insurance market.

Experts said Florida was in trouble and homeowners knew it was true when their rates skyrocketed or companies dropped them.

We’re glad Governor DeSantis is finally on board with what Florida Democrats have been saying the whole time: our property insurance market is in crisis and Floridians are suffering. I’m just sorry it took a hurricane to get him to act.

Obviously, we will need to see what they propose. Our last special session was specifically about property insurance, and it didn’t even come close to solving the problem. We’ll need to see specific plans and how they’ll actually help the people of Florida. This is not the time for half-measures.”

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