Darik News: Florida Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell meets with VP Harris

Fentris Driskell, Recently elected leader of the Florida House Democrats, Vice President Kamala Harris will be one of the few state legislators to meet this afternoon to discuss the future of abortion.

Driskell, the representative of the state of Tampa, is the only Florida legislator to attend the meeting.

Roundtable with Harris will follow President Joe Biden Signing an executive order protecting access to abortion.

The future of abortion in Florida is still up in the air. After a short-lived temporary injunction that was overturned by an appeal, Florida’s recently passed The 15-week abortion cutoff is current law, but it is being sued. Government Ron DeSantis Stay silent on what could happen next for the state.

Along with Driskell, state legislators from Indiana, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska will join Harris for the discussion, which can be viewed at 4 p.m. whitehouse.gov/live/.

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